Color Attractions.

The other day I woke up and I couldn’t find anything to wear. Seems pretty typical, huh? I tried on a blue crop top…eh, a blue romper…double eh…and then finally I decided on a blue tie-dyed blouse. Thinking nothing more of it, I went out and bought a blue candle (targeting the throat chakra, well worth it) a blue dream catcher cause who likes nightmares?, I even dyed my hair…midnight blue! Heck, I find blueberries abnormally repulsive but in that moment, they were looking pretty scrumptious sitting there all blue like that. By this time, you can say it dawned on me that my sudden obsession with blue (and I’m talking, turquoise, aqua, sky, teal, baby, you name it!) …was quite similar to my mild obsession with all things orange last month. tumblr_o7yf8wDBsZ1tdi1jeo1_1280


I thought about this way deeper than I probably should have, and found that truthfully, the colors that we are attracted to is far more than just a coincidence, they can actually tell us a bit about our current state of being, both positive and negative.



For instance, the subconscious attraction to the color blue often indicates that a person feels the need to unlock truth, peace and even emotional balance. Blues are also linked to chill vibes and relaxation in general. Communication, in terms of self and mental contentedness is exuded from blues as well. However, blues can also highlight depressive and cold qualities within, hence the phrase, “feeling blue”.

The oranges that I was previously drawn to may have represented my then need to improve my social life and be accepted by those I care about. I’ve never been a full blown extrovert, but for a while my shyness became exaggerated due to prior insecurities. Confidence was now a quality I wanted to re-gain full access to without relapsing into a state of self-doubt. The negative aspects of orange can give heightened attention to sluggish feelings that have been arising.

Greens are commonly associated with money, which in this society, goes hand-in-hand with security. The need for healing and growth also tie to this color. Green, being a color easy on the eyes also links to nature. Unfortunately, greens can also shine light on hidden envy and jealousy.

Being attracted to reds, the ideal color of love, can mean that you crave physical sensibilities. Reds bring energy, so much so that it can even increase you heart rate just by looking at it! (pinks, however, are more on the calming side of things). This color can mean you’re very passionate about something and it brings a subtle sense of power to control such passion. The bad side of reds could mean there’s a bit of anger present. (Anger + Passion = one DEADLY COMBINATION!)

Attractions to purples represent a need for spiritual harmony, ambition and even sophistication. You may come off as mysterious in a sense and on a downside…moody.

Yellows (including golds) can indicate your need for individuality. Much harder on the eye than greens, yellows can represent your yearning for optimism, self expression and logicality. On the down side of yellow, it can show instabilities and put an emphasis on your extreme need to prioritize.

The color brown may catch your attention often at a time where a genuine and comfortable lifestyle is wanted. On the contrary, browns can also mean there’s a sadness that has been planted in you..

The attraction to the color black could show your hidden need for control or power due to your additional need for protection (emotionally speaking). The downside of black is that it can indicate an aloofness presented unto others.

White can show your desire for simplicity and even self-sufficiency. Being attracted to this color may also shine light on hidden fear within.

Finally, grays (including silver), can represent your need to keep the peace. You may seek or even already exude humility and see “the bigger picture”. This color attraction can however highlight conformity, boredom which can ultimately lead to the tendency to settle.

The next time you find yourself gravitating toward a specific color, refer back to these brief explanations and use them as a guide to take a deeper look within and see the possible meanings of the hidden colors of you.








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