[Love] Your Life.

This life is not, by any means, a walk in the park for anyone. Whether you’re born into riches or poverty, the things we go through are deemed as “struggles” based on not only our innate temperaments but also the environments and living conditions we have individually been exposed to.

There’s an old saying that implies we should never be dissatisfied with our lives at any moment because there is always someone, somewhere going through a helluva lot more crap than we are! This is simply the idea of remaining grateful…and more so humble, if you will.

In order to achieve this mental state of being without having to briefly feel better about yourself only to the thought of someone else sinking deeper into a disappointing pit of quicksand…just see your hardships as the yin to your yang of triumphs. Both the good and the bad that we experience in our lives are necessary to our mental and physical growth and even our ability to experience one or the other! For without the existence of “bad” occurrences, there would be no good ones because if every thing were good all the time: 1. “Good” would lose its meaning and 2. Life would become pretty freakin’ boring and most likely even lose its own meaning… When we crave the good, its only because we know how draining the bad can be if prolonged. Yet, it’s the bad that shapes us uniquely into who we’re destined to be.

Good things rarely come easy…


So don’t exude negative energy by giving in to the things you consider bad because chances are, you will only see bad from then on. There is good all around us, everyday, even IN the bad.tumblr_nznhnlcYUA1r47bczo1_500

Make it your goal to find the good in the bad because that is when you will truly begin to love your life.

When you love your life, you begin to see that there actually is no  “good” and “bad”, just messages. When you can look past the exteriors of these messages presented to you, the feelings associated with them will even adjust. What feels like “good” to you now will begin to fell like euphoria and the pain currently associated with the idea of bad will effectively fill your mind with inquiry.

Life was never meant to hurt us…only lead us. Just like an old fashioned game of Treasure Hunt, if you were to view all the clues as bad things and consider them pointless and ignore them, you’d never find the treasure! You have to read deeply into the clues (but not too deeply cause then you’d be overthinking…which will only extend the time in which you’ll find the treasure by X amount of minutes, days, years, centuries, etc.). The clues are what will give you insight and lead you to the amazing things you desire…they will always be there for you, regardless of form and of how much you try to avoid them.tumblr_nycu74S2Te1r3a382o1_500

Your life is YOUR life…therefore, it will only become what you make it. Until you accept/love it in its entirety, you’ll never experience this “good” no matter how much you yearn for it…and even once you think you’ve attained it, it will vanish faster than the time it took to be received.

The treasure(s) is yours…once you begin to love the hunt.


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