Melanin, the Pineal Gland, & our Sun.


Ah, if it isnt that wonderful word thats lately been taking the internet by storm. If it isnt that light harvesting substance responsible for the pigmentation of our skin. If it isnt the very thing that is secreted from the pineal gla…okay, okay, you get the point.

Wait… I’ll actually finish that sentence… if it isnt the very thing that is secreted from the pineal gland in our brains! Yes, melanin (or melatonin for you science savvies) actually comes from the “seat of the soul” itself. Melanin can actually convert gamma and ultraviolet radiation into energy (ie. sunlight)! Sunlight, of course works wonders on the pineal gland. It not only helps to activate it (activation varies based on amount of calcification) but it also aids in the natural production of that wonderful thing known as serotonin.

images (6).jpg

Any who, people with darker skin are able to absorb almost 50% more sunlight than those with lighter skin without burning…so why is it that societies are led to believe that having darker skin is a bad thing entirely? I’m just saying, it just can’t be a coincidence…

In Africa alone, darker skinned individuals have a 60% less calcified pineal gland on average than their lighter skinned counterparts around the globe.


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To make a mile long story into a step, don’t be ashamed of your melanin, embrace it and use it to your cognitive and spiritual advantage! Regardless of the amount you have in your skin… you are LIGHT filled because of it. Now go outside and soak up the rays from the biggest star in our universe and mentally awaken to it…



In an upcoming post, ways to decalcify the pineal gland as well as how doing so can go as far as treating mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder will be discussed! “Stay tuned” 🙂



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