Dear Over-thinker,

Let go…of the pain, of the sadness, of the anxiety, and of the negative thoughts spiraling throughout your mind. What makes you think you’re so special? Now you may say, “I don’t think I’m special at all, that’s kinda why I feel like this.” but truly, you see yourself so highly that your emotions become exaggerated due to the fact that you feel you deserve so much more than what you perceive is going on around you. Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves the best…(or at least they should get what they deserve), but when you let such emotions and thoughts extend beyond their beauty and cause you to withdraw from life itself…you’ve become your own problem. You need to humble yourself. LET. GO.

Thinking can be an ethereal experience but when over done, it can become psychologically lethalseparate-reality-paintings

Look at yourself in the mirror… accept all of you. The good, the bad and even the invisible. The invisible parts of us include the things we unknowingly choose to ignore. The things we don’t like so much that we can’t mentally prepare ourselves enough to begin to acknowledge. It’s the invisible things that need to become visible the most in order to truly accept ourselves entirely. Once you do this, you will love yourself. When you don’t fully love yourself, you criticize yourself beyond benefit. Again, what makes you so special? No one is perfect. Love yourself enough to know that although you aren’t to your “standards” yet, that doesn’t at all mean the you that they you right now is worthless. What you believe yourself to be at any given second, is actually what you’ll become…


I would continue this post by ranting about how to stop overthinking things outside of yourself, but truly, once you’ve mastered the ability to love yourself, (and I’m talking IN love), the way you think about everything else adjusts substantially. After all, you cant even love someone else until you love yourself unconditionally.

In order to calm your mind down enough to focus on just yourself in the first place can possibly be a struggle.

Below is a list of a few ways you can begin to slow down your emotions and thoughts and really find the time to get to know you:

  1. Do yoga (pretty self-explanatory. It works wonders for the mind and body).
  2. Listen to binaural beats (blog post coming soon!)
  3. Put more energy in doing what you’re good at/enjoy (thinking requires energy, might as well use it toward your craft whenever you can.)
  4. Click here!

Now, here’s some things NOT to do if your an over-thinker:

  1. Sulk (alone time is good…time alone can turn into sulking, fast).
  2. Smoke weed (It pains me to say it, but if you’re an over-thinker…focus on not over thinking first and then I’ll pass you the blunt! Marijuana increases all sensory input and output, so you’ll not only overthink while high but you will literally become lost in thought and no one will be able to find you, not even yourself).


When you finally love yourself, you wont even imagine thinking yourself into an emotional parallax. Let it go. Thinking isn’t a bad thing, when you gain control over your mind…



An ex-tornado brain in the making.






  1. I have tried the binaural beats but they made things worse. I don’t think anything helps me to relax like resolving the issues that are at the forefront of my mind. Best of luck with your ongoing writing projects. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woahh, they made things worse?? haha. Hmm, I can actually see that happening. Do you over think? You have to allow yourself to focus on and get “lost” in the beat. Much like meditation in a way. It takes practice. Solving issues is always a must if possible…the beats are meant to aid in reducing the negative feelings that may be associated to the problem… And thanks so much, you’re an amazing painter by the way!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, Raven for both the hints and the compliment. I can meditate – I have been a practicing Zen Buddhist for 16 years. I tried the beats to reduce my stress and hopefully fall asleep. Overthinking happens when I really, really need to relax and fall asleep. That’s pretty annoying. xo


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