From the moment I saw you

I knew you were different

I guess that’s why

I subconsciously kept my distance

So used to pain

So used to regret

That’s the main reasons

I play the cards that I’m dealt

Just wanted something to feel

even if it wasnt real

That just goes to show

the imporatnce of letting wounds heal

because now I feel more alone

than before

as I write down these words

behind closed doors

I can’t even go outside

to live my life

for at some point in time

you always come stomping into my mind

What are you looking for?

It cant be that hard to find

I’m right here

just have the patience to organize my mind

Close your eyes and imagine

my finger tips tracing your spine

as I whisper in your ear

“I’m forever yours, if you’re mine”

You don’t have to get high

to touch the sky

I can take you there

just let me stare

in your eyes…

As I ignore the lies,

and see your insides

Perfectly imperfect

I’d be by your side

but I have to go now

There has to be more to love

than the tears you’ve caused me to cry.









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