Nothing seems quite right

I’m writing these words

yet nothing describes your type

What I feel right now

isnt what I felt yesterday

One minute I hate you

as you’re begging me to stay

and the next you’re the only one

who can make my day

I fell for your eyes

while your smile told me lies

They say they’re the windows to the soul

yours must be old…

They showed me the you

that you were before you’ve ever been hurt

Who would of known

you’d now be the one doing the dirt

Nothing seems quite right

I think its time tonight

to look at the moon

and extend my sight

I can see

alone is all I want to be

This life is much more

than a heart so empty

so I’ll fill it with love

authentically from me

I would apolozie for not being the perfect woman

you thought I would be

but I know one day you’ll look back and see

I was the one

who could have set you free.


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