Ah, progress. There is nothing quite like that little feeling of subtle satisfaction that flows within us when we take another step forward in our lives. Be it a tip-toe or a full blown jeté, progression is progression.

In the fall of 2014, I officially discovered that writing was my escapism. With a brain that is constantly filled with thoughts ranging from the sadness that the family of the armadillo I ran over 2 days ago must feel, to the meaning and the origin of the universe and it’s parallels… I desperately needed a way to organize it all!

Blog-spot quickly became my safe haven. From poems to advice on love to random opinions on legal issues and self-improvement techniques, I nearly wrote about it all! Seeing my thoughts and emotions brought on by life suddenly turn into something orderly, beneficial to others and even beautiful made me realize I should take what originally was meant to be a mere way to gather my mind and potentially turn it into a source that can possibly transcend to the eyes and hearts of the internet world at large! Okay… maybe I seem a little in over my head with such wishful thinking about a blog, but that’s what progression is all about. Taking risks with rational optimism regardless of what it is. No goal is ever too far fetched. The first step to the not-so-secret, secret of success is to simply try.

The tag line of this blog is “Seeing life’s clutter, organized” because though there will be no particular theme to my posts, it will all (somehow) be organized. That’s what life is all about; Experiencing various things and retaining it all in such a way that ultimately molds one unique and structured, you!

To check out previous posts from the original “Raven’s eye view” home-site, click here.






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